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Otomi Animals Papel Picado Banner - CUSTOM TEXT

Otomi Animals Papel Picado Banner - CUSTOM TEXT

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Add a burst of vibrant color and festive flair to your fiesta-themed celebrations with our pretty Papel Picado Banners! Each banner features intricate cut-out designs in bold and beautiful colors. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, Cinco de Mayo parties, and more, our Papel Picado Banners are versatile and eye-catching decorations that will instantly transform any space into a fiesta paradise. Hang them above your party tables, along fences, or across doorways to create a stunning visual impact that sets the tone for a lively and memorable celebration.

Made from high-quality materials, our banners are durable and reusable, ensuring that they can be enjoyed for many fiestas to come. Bring the vibrant energy of Mexico to your next event and make it an occasion to remember with our dazzling Papel Picado Banners!

  • Each strand contains 10 flags and measures approximately 12 feet long once strung
  • Each flag is made out of a light card stock and measures 11x8 inches.
  • Your custom text, 2 interchanging designs 
  • Mixed Brights includes 2 flags of each color: hot pink, yellow, orange, lime and bright blue 
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