About Us

We are the Lula Flora team and we take fancying your fiestas super seriously!

We create, decorate and pack each and every mini piñata and paper decoration in our confetti filled studio in Montreal. 


Girl Boss behind the fiesta factory that is Lula Flora. Always dreaming up new creations and constantly struggling to explain what I do for a living to fiends/family/customs agents. Minor addiction to buying nail polish, sunglasses and searching for travel deals. If I had to choose 3 celebrities to hang with I would pick Jimmy Kimmel, Chelsea Handler and David Blaine. I love what we do here and am so incredibly thankful each time someone chooses to have us bring their party to life! 


Pretty sure Alie holds the record for most piñatas ever decorated by a human. She is a master fringe cutter, color combo creator and unicorn accessorizer. She's nerdy for Harry Potter, Star Wars and Disney and still watches DVD's. She's a former Club Med G.O so you know she's a good time. Oh, and she's my little sister :)


Fun fact about your piñatas... each of our unique templates were designed by a dude! Joe studied science and art, which sounds like a weird combo but sure makes sense now, right?! He knows way too many sports stats, loves fishing and cooks some of the best food I've ever had. I've known him since I was 8 years old. Also, I married him in Mexico a few years ago.